Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Payroll Management Assistance to do the payroll process for my business?

Payroll Management Assistance is your source for reliable, accurate, and friendly service.  We will assist you in targeting all of your payroll needs and take away the hassle of payroll administration.  Payrolls will be processed in a timely manner, taxes will be paid, quarterly reports will be filed, and we will complete all year-end reporting.  At any time, you can change any of your payroll procedures to ensure that we are providing the service you deserve. Our services are competitive with the larger payroll companies but attention to client satisfaction separates us from the rest.

How do I report hours or changes for my payroll?

We ask all clients to do what is most convenient for them.  You can call, e-mail or fax your payroll or payroll changes.  PMA will provide payroll worksheets with every payroll that are user friendly.  However, if you feel more comfortable with your own spreadsheet we encourage you to use that.  We also offer online access to submit the payroll yourself.

Will you track PTO?

We can track vacation or sick time in one of two ways.  If employees accrue time based on the hours they work we can set this up to report the amount of time earned with the pay period.  Or if you offer employees a total amount of time off you can provide the total number of days or hours and we will report the time available as it is used.

Do you offer direct deposit?

PMA does offer direct deposit.  Simply provide the company and the employee account information.  Direct deposit offers convenience for your business and staff.  Money is available in the employee account on the pay date.