Specializing in Payroll for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Payroll Management Assistance is a locally owned payroll company providing service throughout the country. We work directly with our clients to assure that the payroll process is catered to their specific needs. Our service takes the time-consuming tasks of payroll administration away from the customer so that they can get back to business.

PMA is always researching to keep up with new and improved ways to assure up to date and cost effective payroll services. Our client service and timely response allows us to stand out from others. Every phone call and question is answered by a knowledgeable and friendly payroll coordinator. The priority of our company is customer satisfaction.

We offer the following services:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax Management
  • Detailed and Customized Reports
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports
  • On-line HR Library
  • Electronic Filing
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • 24-Hour Turnaround
  • W-2 and Year-End Reports

Employee Management Services:

Platinum Pay - Manage your company's Human Resource Data          Background Checks - Resources to help you make informed decisions in the hiring process

SwipeClock - Time and Attendance Software to track hours worked and paid time off           Employee Self Service Mobile Employee Access Center


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